Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions outlined below. If you have any further and/or specific question(s) please email or telephone call Niall at 087 908 6184.

Have you experienced a change in your ability to carry out your daily activities? NMOT our Occupational Therapist can work with you to assist you to improve your ability to carry out you daily activities through a range of assessments and treatment plans.

Areas in which in which assistance can be provided include;

  • Housing/Environmental Adaptation
  • Postural Assessment 
  • Wheelchair Assessment 
  • Cognition Assessment and Treatment Plan
  • Physical Assessment 
  • Falls Prevention
  • Fatigue Management
  • Equipment Assessment and Recommendations


Here at NMOT our Occupational Therapist has experiencing carry out a diverse range of housing assessments and reports specific to the persons needs and goals. Please find further details in the Housing Adaptation Assessment/Reports service description. 

Further information regarding the types of grants and the application process can be found via or your local County Council Housing Department 

Our Occupational Therapist across the West, Midlands, and South West of Ireland.

If you do not live in these areas, please contact our Occupational Therapist by email at or telephone call 087 908 6184 to discuss potential availability. 

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) will discuss the person challenges via telephone and/or email. This is the first step in your journey to improving your ability to carry out your meaningful activities. During the discussion the OT will outline how NMOT can assist you to meet your goals. Our OT will arrange a time and date that suits you to carry out the initial assessment in your home environment or via videocall. During the initial assessment, you may be asked to carry out specific activities to demonstrate your current challenges.  The assessment will depend on the area in which you need assistance. The assessment process generally takes approximately however this may vary from person to person. 

Follow-up home visits and/or videocalls may be required depending on your specific area of need and goals.

Visit the contact page to leave a message. Alternatively, email our team at or telephone call 087 908 6184.

Our team will reply to your query within 24hours. 

No, NMOT do not carry out paediatric OT assessments. Please refer to for occupational therapists who specialise in the area of paediatrics.

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Niall Moloney provides comprehensive, individualised Occupational Therapy assessments and reports specific to the clients needs. Assessments can be completed in the home or remotely via videocall.