Housing Reports

Housing Assessment/Report

A housing assessment is a thorough, holistic assessment of an individual in their home environment. Our Occupational Therapist will carry out a one-to-one housing assessment to gain an understanding of the underlying difficulties that result in an individual being unable to complete their day to day activities in their own home. The assessment includes a detailed discussion and practical assessment and will provide reasons for why an individual is experiencing difficulties.

Following the assessment a comprehensive housing report will be drawn up providing a summary of the housing assessment completed by one of our Occupational therapist. The housing assessment report will contain the following information:

What will the report contain?

The housing assessment report documents the individual’s specific functional limitations that is impacting their ability to complete daily tasks in the home environment. Specific, individualised recommendations will be provided regarding the housing adaptations required to facilitate the persons maximum independence and/or ease of participation in daily activities in the home environment. The report will also outline the specifications required to ensure the adaptations made enable the person to maximise their ease of participation in daily tasks within the home environment. 

Benefits of a housing assessment report?

Here are many benefits to our housing reports some of which are listed below:

  • Specific needs are accurately assessed and identified for consideration when considering housing adaptations
  • Identification of current and long term needs specific to the person individual needs/condition
  • Peace of mind that the adaptation will facilitate the person to carry out their daily activities in the home with increased ease and safety


Our housing assessment and reports are holistic and will examined all areas of daily life that may be impacted by the home environment. From here our Occupational Therapist will make professional recommendation and provide advice on how to increase an individual’s independence, which overall which enhance their life satisfaction.

If you require a housing assessment and report or want to talk to our therapist regarding any of your problems then please feel free to contact us by email at info@nmot.ie or telephone call 087 908 6184.

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Niall Moloney provides comprehensive, individualised Occupational Therapy assessments and reports specific to the clients needs. Assessments can be completed in the home or remotely via videocall.

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