Occupational therapy Assessment

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive is a word that describes a persons ability to remember, pay attention and problem solve within daily life. Individuals can experience changes in cognitive functioning due to a variety of reasons. 

Cognitive assessments can be carried out to determine a person cognitive functioning.  The cognitive assessment will examine the persons memory recall (long and short), attention, orientation to time and place,  visuospatial and executive functioning. The assessment aims to gain an insight into areas of cognitive that a person is experiencing difficulties with. Cognitive assessment would incorporate both paper based assessment and functional task based assessment. Our Occupational Therapist will use the information from the assessment to design an individualised treatment plan to meet the person specific goals. The treatment plan will include memory strategies and activities with the goal of improving and/or maintaining the person cognitive functioning. 

 Physical Assessment 

A physical or functional assessment aims to identify areas in which a person is experiencing challenges carrying out daily activities due to limitations in their physical capacity. The assessment incorporates both an interview to identify the client history and challenges followed by a practical assessment in the specific area identified. Potential treatment following the functional assessment may include: fall prevention education, fatigue management, and/or aids and appliances recommendations. 

In summary our cognitive and physical assessments aim to identify areas that may be impacting the person ability to carry out daily activities and identify potential treatment plans to meet the needs of the individual. 

If you require a Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment plans or want to talk to our therapist regarding any of your problems then please feel free to contact us by email at info@nmot.ie or telephone call 087 908 6184.


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Niall Moloney provides comprehensive, individualised Occupational Therapy assessments and reports specific to the clients needs. Assessments can be completed in the home or remotely via videocall.