Seating Assessments and Reports

Seating Assessments and Reports

Posture is important to our level of functioning and significantly affects our ability to participate in daily activities. This may be where we sit to let our bodies relax. It is crucial that individuals who spend long periods of time in one position (wheelchair users or an individual who is nursed in bed) are well supported to achieve maximum function. 

Our seating assessments usually have three main elements: a) identifying what, if any, postural support the user needs b) prevention of tissue damage and most importantly c) comfort. This can be done in an existing wheelchair, armchair or for that matter any other seat e.g. office chair, car seat, horse or bicycle saddle as well as a new, specialised seat. Our assessment will include a discussion with the person and/or the primary carer to identify current seating needs and presentation. A postural assessment will subsequently be carried out to identify the clients postural presentations and how the persons body structure can be supported by an appropriate seating system. 

Following the seating assessment, a comprehensive Seating Report will be drawn up outlined the person individuals functional, postural, pressure care and comfort needs and the potential recommended seating systems that the person would benefit from trialling. Our seating reports will detail and explain the reason for seating support, the type, duration and the benefits to the individual.

Benefits of our seating assessments and reports

There are a number of benefits from receiving one of our seating reports, some of which have been listed below:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved safety
  • Improved independence in activities of daily living


In summary our seating assessment would be used to determine how an individual’s poor posture is impacting on their abilities to complete their day to day activities. Following this, recommendations will be given on how to improve upon this. Advice may include the private purchase of an alternative seating system and/or improved practices and procedures. All of which aim to increase an individual’s independence.

If you require a seating assessment or want to talk to our therapist regarding any of your problems then please feel free to contact us by email at or telephone call 087 908 6184.

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Niall Moloney provides comprehensive, individualised Occupational Therapy assessments and reports specific to the clients needs. Assessments can be completed in the home or remotely via videocall.