Full Range of Occupational Therapy Services

Housing Adaptation Assessment/Reports

Do you require an Occupational Therapist assessment and/or report as part of the housing adaptation grant process? We can help you ensure that your current and long term needs across the life course are considered when adapting your home. 

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Seating Assessments

Do you require an Occupational Therapy assessment regarding your wheelchair? Are you or your loved one experiencing signs of discomfort due to an inappropriate chair or wheelchair? We can help you identify the most appropriate chair to meet you need. l of maximising postural support, preventing tissue damage, and 

General Occupational Therapy Assessment

Are you experiencing difficulties completing your daily activities? We can help you in the assessment and treatment of both physical and cognitive difficulties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you uncertain about anything? Please refer to our frequently asked questions list for more inform. Please telephone call or email if you have further questions.